Persian Gilding #4


Gold, Gouache & Watercolour on Tea & Starch layered Cardboard
26×42 cm (46×62 cm with Frame)
Wooden Frame, Colour: Canaletto Gold/Pewter
Unique Artwork
Certificate of Authenticity included


About the Artwork:
Collection: Persian Gilding
Tazhib (Gilding) is originally an Arabic name, meaning to cover something with gold, but in practice, it is used to decorate religious, poetry, scientific, cultural and historical books of value with beautiful patterns. Gilding in Iran dates back to Sassanid era (224-651 A.D.) after the advent of Islam.
Mohammad’s gilding artworks have received numerous awards and recognitions and are extremely detailed and sophisticated. On average his artworks take about 15 months to complete. Real gold and Gouache has been used in his amazing Persian artworks. Gildings are done on cardboard layered by hand with tea and starch.
The pattern in this artwork is called ‘Shamseh’ which originally means the sun in Arabic and is usually used to decorate the cover of Quran, however, the history of Shamseh design goes back to centuries before the advent of Islam in Iran. This type of Persian artwork can be seen in Zoroastrian signs as a symbol of the divine light of god that flows into the entire earth. The design of this particular artwork is a reproduction of Shamseh styles from Timurid and Safavid era. See more Persian Gildings…

About the Artist:
Mohammad is a Persian carpet designer and a gilding artist who is devoted to keeping this ancient art alive and recognises this practice as a form of meditation for himself. Read more… 

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