Tehran / 1983


Neda has a delicate enthusiasm in nude figurative painting and drawing. Sadly, due to Iran’s restrictive religious rules and regulations, she has never been able to exhibit her nude collections in Iran; She even has to practice her art secretly as there will be consequences for explicit artworks.  This was the starting point of her Scissors collection in which Neda tries to depict her frustration from all the suppression she has to endure. Every scissor in this collection is a symbol of censorship in Iran; This is her way of expressing Iranian women with all their limitations!


BA of Graphic design from Azad art & architecture University of Tehran
Diploma in Graphic design (Azadegan art school)


  • 2006 – Group Poster Exhibition with Zigzag group, Zangar gallery, Tehran
  • 2007 – Selected poster for the 10th Triennial of political posters of Mons Belgium
  • 2008 – Group Poster Exhibition with Zigzag group (Subject: Children), Tehran gallery
  • 2012 – Selected painting for Nasle Nou (first selection), Tehran
  • 2011 – Selected Drawing for Yassavoli press book
  • 2012 – selected drawing for biennial of drawing Osten biennial of drawing Skopje, Macedonia
  • 2012 – Group painting Exhibition Haft Samar Gallery, Tehran
  • 2016 – The 1 st Drawing Biennial Seasonal Contemporary Painters Magazine Laleh Gallery, Tehran