Qazvin / 1988

Mohammad Artist Persian Gilding Meloomi Persian Art Gallery

Mohammad started his education and career with carpet design. He was very interested in ancient Persian artworks so he pivoted his skills into the precious Persian gilding art, a form of ancient Persian art mixed with Islamic patterns and designs. Mohammad’s gildings are done with gold ink and watercolour and are extraordinarily detailed and complex; on average each of his artworks takes around 15 months to complete. He describes gilding as “a spiritual meditation” and he pursues to preserve the original ancient art while mixing it with his modern artistry.


BA of Persian carpet design from University of Tehran

Exhibitions & Achievements:

  • 2009 – Second place in Persian carpet design contest in Varamin, Iran
  • 2012 – First place in Persian carpet design olympiad, Nationwide, Iran
  • 2013 – Solo Gilding exhibition, Kamal-edin-Behzad Gallery, Tehran
  • 2014 – Gilding group exhibition, Khaneh-Honarmandan, Tehran
  • 2014 – Special achievement award in the 4th biennial Gilding contest, Iran
  • 2016 – First place in the 5th biennial Gilding contest, Iran