Qaemshahr / 1977

Jalaleddin Mashmooli was born in a small lush village called Koutena in the north of Iran. He is a self-taught accomplished artist and nothing fascinates him more than nature and its elements, he believes the reason is that he has always been surrounded by nature and magnificent views of Iran’s northern green belt. “My mother gave birth to me while she was weeding cotton plants in the farm and I have remained in nature ever since! My eyes only see the nature and its beauty and this is reflected in my artworks.”
Jalaleddin is a member of many recognised associations including Society of Iranian Painters and Development of Visual Arts Institute. He has also created and is now managing a project called Art in Village, inspiring young artists to discover their talent.

Exhibitions & Publications:

  • The author of the book ‘World’s Pioneers of Contemporary Art’; A review of the life of 30 European painters in the modern era.
  • The Author of the book ‘Portrait by Portrait’; A selection of portraits from famous Iranian artists and literature experts.
  • 2005 Solo painting exhibition, Asar Gallery, Tehran, Iran
  • 2006 Solo painting exhibition ‘This is my village’, Daryabeigi Gallery, Tehran
  • 2007 Solo painting exhibition ‘Lantern’, Khaneh Honarmandan, Tehran
  • 2008 Solo painting exhibition ‘Daughter of Mash Hossein’, Seyhoun Gallery, Tehran
  • 2010 Solo painting exhibition ‘The moment I became a city person’, Haft Ayneh Gallery, Tehran
  • 2011 Solo painting exhibition ‘Monday Market’, Haft Ayneh Gallery, Tehran
  • 2011 Group painting exhibition, ‘Art in Village’ Cube Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malasia
  • 2012 Solo painting exhibition ‘A look into 10 years of painting’, Goharzad Publications, Tehran
  • 2013 Solo painting exhibition ‘The Fish’, Hanna Gallery, Tehran
  • 2013 Group painting exhibition ‘In Memory of the famous self-taught Iranian painter Mokarameh Ghanbari’, Columbia University, USA
  • 2013 Group painting exhibition, Three painters, Hamburg, Germany
  • 2015 Solo painting & drawing exhibition ‘Oxtongue Flower’, No.26 Gallery, Tehran
  • 2016 Solo painting exhibition ‘Siahroud Boys’, Hepta Gallery, Tehran
  • 2016 Solo painting exhibition, Ranganeh Gallery, Barbizon, France